Experimenting with Oils

A few months ago I received a sample of dirt. luxe salt scrub in my Birchbox. It smelled AWESOME and made my skin feel nice. Upon learning that it had a few different oils in it…I decided to experiment. I made my own salt scrub using olive oil, and it made my skin feel great!  A few weeks ago I soaked in a tub laced with olive oil, and it made my skin SO SOFT. As you can see…one thing has led to another and I have a new obsession.

A week or so ago I started using jojoba oil as a nighttime moisturizer, and I am SUPER PLEASED with how it makes me skin look and feel. I haven’t really noticed a decrease in oil production during the day…but since it hasn’t increased I feel confidant in trying out the oil cleansing method once my current face wash runs out.

In the meantime, time to move up to my hair! I’ve been reading for a while that coconut oil and olive oil are both really good for your hair, so I found a recipe and tonight I mixed up a mask. I let it sit for an hour, than rinsed it out with the shampoo I got in my birchbox, and an argan oil mask I picked up a week or two ago:

Just rinsing the oils out didn’t make my hair feel any more spectacular, but conditioning with the mask definitely helped. My hair is still wet now so it’s kinda hard to tell if it made a huge difference, but I do think my hair feels softer. Whoo! Oils!

My typical haircare routine

For the last few months I’ve been washing with John Frieda Sheer Blonde Color Renew shampoo and conditioner every other day (I ran out of conditioner a few days ago). As near as I can tell it works ok, but not great. In anticipation of it running out, a while ago I picked up:

Clairol Shimmer Lights, which I’ve heard really great things about. I plan on switching when I bleach my roots later this week.

Anyway! Once every 4 washes or so I’ve been using Ion Color Solutions Color Defense Clarifying Shampoo. I’ve been swearing by clarifying shampoo for the last few years; using it once every week to two weeks made a HUGE improvement in my hair. After I clarify, I mix some purple dye with Aussie 3 Minute Miracle and use that to tone my hair.

For having been bleached numerous times, my hair is surprisingly soft. Naturally it’s a little thin at the ends (it’s been more than 6 months since the Big Chop now), but it’s growing in nice and thick (especially in the back where I’ve trimmed my mullet up a few times). I suppose I should also chalk that up to Biotin! It’s hard tell whether my hair is growing in faster or not; I last bleached my roots at the end of March, and before that at the beginning of January…so about the same amount of time is passing before I can’t tolerate them anymore.